The White Crow Studio is an intimate studio space with live room and mix room.

The studio centres around a beautiful Audient 8024 desk with the latest iMac running Logic X

and rammed to the gills with vast sound libraries and FX.

Master keyboard is the latest Roland Fantom 7 a 76 note semi weighted keyboard.

A to D converters are handled by Apogee.

Main monitors are industry standard Dynaudio M1s which are powered by an Adcom 600 amp.

Mics include Neumann U 47 FET, a pair of matched 1970s AKG 414s as well as all the usual suspects.

It’s not about the gear list, it’s about the music and the performance.

The studio has been designed and fitted by Andy Allan (Coachhouse Studios Bristol, Christchurch Studios, Wounded Buffalo, Bridgend College).